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​​​​​​​Guidance for Business Travelers planning for a return to travel

Guidance for Business Travellers planning for a return to travel

For the latest COVID-19 related and other travel advisories, please visit the Egencia Travel Advisor to find out what you need to know for your trip.

Requirements vary and may change often, so it’s a good idea to check the advisories for your destination before you book and again before you travel. 

Egencia gives travelers and arrangers easy access to information about suppliers’ protocols and standards directly in the booking process so you can make informed decisions about your trip. We also recommend you check with the airline, rail provider, car rental company or hotel about their current standards and protocols before you book and before you start your journey. Find out more here.

Traveler Wellbeing

Need to modify a booking?

If you need to modify a trip you booked through Egencia, it’s likely you can cancel or change your trip online with just a few clicks. 

Access self-service options for your booking by going to ‘Trips’ on Egencia or use the mobile app. You can also use Egencia Chat to access self-service support on-demand.

Use the links below to learn more about changing reservations for different types of bookings:

Learn how you can redeem unused air tickets and refunds online for North America here.

If you’re a travel manager, we invite you to visit the Travel Manager Help Center article for the latest updates on COVID-19.

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